Time of the Word of God

    Especially for those who chose to fill the spirit again and again; who will know more about God, learn about the character of Christ; more studying the Bible; would like to find more answers - the TV program "Time of the Word of God" was created.

    The program "Time of the Word of God" allows you to watch the teachings of the Apostle Vladimir and the founder of the Spiritual Center "Vozrozhdenie" every day. The telecast gives access to the complete archive of the teachings of the Apostle Vladimir. Fill yourself daily with the teaching and learn the truths that God revealed to the Apostle in prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

    The leader shares the answers of God, shares knowledge, revelations about thinking, about Christ, about the church and about all other critical topics; themes that affect our mind, heart, body and spirit. Worrying that we were armed at the upcoming ups and downs, God equiped the necessary knowledge of Apostle Vladimir to equip us.

обратная связь

Если у вас возникли вопросы или предложения, заполните форму обратной связи. Также, если вы хотите оставить своё резюме, воспользуйтесь этой формой и наш менеджер свяжется с Вами.