Sunday service

We know that becoming a Christian, a person has a real ability to achieve the goal of his existence on earth - to glorify God, to worship Him. Bible teaches us that worshiping God is a Christian lifestyle. His thoughts, words or deeds, his reactions to circumstances, his decision-making - everything should be guided by one motive - to glorify God.

At the same time, Bible shows us that God Himself establishes a certain day when His children are to assemble in order to express their worship in a certain form.

For the people of Israel such a day was Saturday. Every Saturday people postponed their usual business and came to the temple to focus their attention only on God, to worship Him properly.

  • "Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, and the seventh day is a Saturday- devote it to your God" (Deuteronomy 5:13, 14)

Today is a Sunday day, when each person can come and be in the presence of the Living God, glorify Him with the worship group, watch how miracles happen, the Bible teachings form the faith. Thousands of people come every Sunday to the services of the Spiritual Center "Vozrozhdenie" in Dnieper and Kiev. Thanks to live broadcasts and programs in our channel's playlists, even if you are a thousand kilometers away from the service, you can join them, experience your miracle or find the answer in the sphere that you need: health, family, soul or finances.

Remain on the seventh day with God, even if you are thousands of kilometers from the church, thanks to the playlist "Sunday Ministry."

обратная связь

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