Summit Diary

    The Vozrozhdenie television channel has released a special project, the "Summit Diary", dedicated to the most anticipated event of the year, the Summit of the "Fourth Dimension".

    In this program, you will learn how to change your life by 100% using the revelation of the Fourth Dimension.

    These days, Kiev is becoming the center of awakening for thousands of people who are united by the thirst for knowing the supernatural life with God.

    Our journalists will open the summit's veil, will acquaint with the brightest participants who have seen miracles and answers in life, thanks to this teaching, and representing different cities, countries and even continents of our planet.

The Summit Diary "Fourth Dimension" special project will reveal the secret of success in collaboration with the Holy Spirit.

Plunge from September 11th into the Reformation Doctrine of Prayer and the Holy Spirit.

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