On the air of the television channel Vozrozhdenie, Vladimir and Viktoria Muntean share secrets about the family, which is an acute topic at the moment. Everyone, creating a family, interweaves life and destiny with a person to the end.

    Today, marriages in which they have lived a lifetime break up. This is a tragedy, it is a pain for our God; wounds that remain forever. You can save the family, keep the marriage and keep the relationship; but everything, as we know, is important to learn.

    "Viktoria and I have been living for 28 years, and today our relationship is thousands of times better than at the beginning. Our relationship is something that I did not dream about and did not think about; this is God's gift to us. Every year we love each other stronger and stronger. I see one reason why this happens .. "

    In this program, Apostle Vladimir and his wife Victoria want to share these secrets. Perhaps you are experiencing a critical situation, a critical time in your family life.

    You will learn how to live with your soul mate, so that the relationships you have gone through become stronger just stronger; learn how to get out of the problems adequately; what atmosphere should be in the family and how to save the family.

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