With music about the important

With music about the important is the program-interview about cinema, sports, new gadgets, art, events in the country and the world. Actual characters, discussion of the events of the day and new music!

In the telecast you will meet with different actors and directors, musicians and just talented people. You will pass behind the scenes with us and hear theatrical tales, jokes and tragic stories; and plunge into the invisible life of theater, cinema, music and cinema.

Also, the characters of the program will share their principles of success with you; will tell about how they found themselves, revealed their creative potential; with which I had to face the way towards my goal; from which source they drew inspiration for new projects and accomplishments. In each broadcast, guests and presenters raise various issues about the values ​​of life.

   "It all started when I was a kid and watched movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme - they were my idols. I constantly put myself in the place of the main character, and thought, how would I act in their place? I admired these people. To become an actor - for me, was a childhood dream. I knew that I wanted to be engaged in creative activities, "says an actor Bogdan Yusipchuk, " Mr. Ukraine 2014 ".

   Together with the leading programmembers Igor Melnikov, Lidia Selvesyuk and Alexander Pobedonenniy, communicating with the new heroes, you will come to life behind the scenes of creative and successful people.

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