Spiritual Center "Vozrozhdenie" is a religious organization founded by pastor Vladimir Muntean in 1997. Born in Dnepropetrovsk, it has expended to other cities of Ukraine, as well as Russia, Belarus, CIS countries and America.

    Currently, there are 800 branches of the organization. The activity of the church is very extensive: every Sunday there is a live broadcast of the Sunday service from the cities of Kiev and the Dnieper. Charitable work is carried out throughout Ukraine and affects almost all segments of the population - assistance to the elderly, orphans and disabled children, the purchase of equipment for hospitals. There are also several other projects that work with the public; pastor academy; regular summits and conferences within Ukraine and in Europe. And also there are projects that relate to the younger generation from the youth movement VO YOUNG: these are camps, conferences, thematic meetings, etc. Through the television channel "Vozrozhdenie TV" millions of people watch a TV program with interesting and useful TV shows. Throughout the week, news of the life of the Spiritual Center "Vozrozhdenie" comes out.

Become a witness to the affairs of the fastest growing church in Europe! 

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