Fourth Dimension

What is success in human life?

Man by its nature is inclined to hunger not only physical, but spiritual. We definitely need communication, recognition, respect, love. Not always money is able to satiate our needs. We need friends, comrades, a loved one; and without this you have to say, money is losing all meaning and value, is not it?

But even without money, especially with a severe deficit, will we be able to fully enjoy love, friendship, fame? Will we be able to show proper concern for our family and friends? Inevitably, the conclusion arises: true success is the complete harmony of its material and spiritual components. Success is the ability to make our life as you want it to be; it is to achieve the set goals and to receive pleasure and satisfaction from it. But what if you set a goal and can not achieve it with all your efforts? As an invisible barrier stands in your way. And you understand that there is only a miracle, only something incredible must happen so that you can escape from the framework of mediocrity, poverty and failure in relationships. Where could you find the solution to these questions? To your attention we present a unique TV program "Fourth Dimension" with Lydia Selvesyuk.

In the program "Fourth Dimension" you will hear real stories and testimonies of people who have experienced miracles in their lives, thanks to the understanding of how today the spiritual world interacts with the physical, as the prayer in the Fourth Dimension, you can change the so-called "destiny".

Are you interested in the possibility of influencing the circumstances surrounding you through cooperation with the Holy Spirit? Watch the TV program "Fourth Dimension" with the leading Lydia Selvesyuk, and comprehend the secrets of success and well-being in various spheres of life.


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