Family happiness

    Every day begins with the search for happiness and love, search in the labyrinth of life. And there is an opportunity to find a way out in the new season of the TV program "Family Happiness".

    Marriage is not only an agreement between two people, but also a covenant relationship. Appeal to parents, psychologists and girlfriends to find answers about what a family is, how to answer a husband or wife - does not lead to a solution to problems. Nobody knows better what a family is than the one who invented it. The only author of the family is God. Therefore, we must seek answers from Him.

    In this program, based on the word of God, you can find out: "What should be the spiritual life in the family?", "How to achieve harmony in the relationship between husband and wife?", "How to create the right atmosphere in the house?".

     This TV program will be for everyone a discovery in such an important topic as the family.

обратная связь

Если у вас возникли вопросы или предложения, заполните форму обратной связи. Также, если вы хотите оставить своё резюме, воспользуйтесь этой формой и наш менеджер свяжется с Вами.