The charitable foundation "Vozrozhdenie" exists specifically to carry out programs to help people in need. It has such a name, since it is in the hearts of Vladimir and Victoria who are dreaming to help people as much and as much as possible; and it is he who is the first who allocates finance for these programs for many years.

    For 15 years, the Foundation "Vozrozhdenie" has been helping the needy, of which over the past 4 years in Kiev, monthly, already over 1,200 elderly people receive assistance in the form of grocery kits. For them, this is a significant help, as well as the manifestation of warmth, love and care.

    Several times in our Kyiv Palace of Sports our foundation organized wonderful concerts for thousands of elderly people. On which everyone must be given great food gifts. At the last such event about 10 000 elderly people and veterans gathered. At the end of the concert, all of them with food gifts, smiling and happy, thanked God for the kind hearts and generous hands of volunteers!

And another very important area is helping orphans and disabled children. We are fighting for the life and health of these children!

Every month we do operations for children to straighten their limbs, and now they can walk; legs and pens work, and they have hope for the future. This is just a small part of the foundation's work. There are many other various charitable projects carried out by our foundation. We do not want to remain indifferent to the needs of people and we show attention and mercy to everyone who will turn to us for help!

And now every spectator can observe the life of the fund, thanks to a block of video stories on our channel.

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