Reflections on Life

There is only one life. Life has its beginning and its end. And after the end, no one will give a minute more. This is not a draft. This is not a trial version. It can not be lengthened, try again or stop for a while. It will pass, whether you like it or not. You can only shorten it or keep its length. This is the material from which you can sculpt a sculpture or make a hut.

This is the material from which his master can do whatever he wants. The question is - what does the owner want from life and does he know what he wants? Life is an understanding not only of what surrounds you, but of what is inside each of us. Life is given to everyone for a reason. A person must leave a trace after himself, it can be anything that can bring future benefits to the future generation.

On our way we ask a lot of questions: how everything is arranged, what is the meaning of life, what principles and priorities are guided, what to choose - good and evil, whether or not to be - and there is no end to these issues; and to understand them, we stop and reflect, turn to our parents and mentors for advice.

Vladimir Muntean is the founder and leader of the Spiritual Center "Vozrozhdenie", the author of many books, the singer and the author of his own songs. Together with the viewers on the shore of the "Sea of ​​Kiev", by the fire, he reflects on vital issues that concern everyone. At least once in a life each person reflected on them. The leader examines not only the visible situations, but also deals with internal conflicts. Each issue carries fresh thoughts and a wise look at these or other things.

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