Moses Mountain College

    We welcome you from the whole team of the Bible College "Mount Moses". According to the latest news, 100% of viewers of our channel are concerned about the new season of the event that has already taken place, and on this basis we launched the TV program "Mount Moses".

    The grandiose event of this year is coming to an end - Bible College "Moses Mountain" 2017. Throughout the college, God worked in people's lives: healed incurable diseases, destroyed the curse of poverty, the curse of debts, imposed and acquired curses. The Holy Spirit changed his thinking and circumstances, he healed his spiritual wounds.

    Continuing to share with you incredible testimonies from people from different cities and countries that have experienced God's Glory in their life during the College of 2017, in this television show "Mount Moses" we put important moments to you to witness the latest evidence of incredible miracles and news of this event .

And also you will be immersed in the teaching, which our speakers and powerful prayers shared in the power and fire of the Holy Spirit. Do not miss it! Daily on our channel.

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