Inter Channel about the Moses Mountain College 2018

Mon 10 Sep 2018


    In the West, Protestant churches are visited by millions. Some of the most famous American pastors are Ralph Neybor and Benny Hinn. To listen to their sermons people come from all over the world. It was Benny Hinn to whom well-known boxer Evander Holyfield considers himself obligated to the legendary victory over Mike Tyson, who bit his ear in 97th.

   Millions of people visit Protestant churches and in the neighboring Canada. Craig Pitts is the pastor of one of the largest churches in the country, "Highway Church". At home in the quiet town of Berry near Toronto, he is an exemplary a maintenance worker. And in the church - a mentor for thousands of people. His confession includes thousands of churches around the world. I am sure that differences in culture and customs should not interfere with faith.

    "Are we Catholics, Protestants or Orthodoxy - it does not matter, but fighting with each other because of our differences is wrong." We need to look for something common, "says Craig Pitts, pastor of the church" Highway Church ". "Vladimir Muntian has a serious and profound theological education, but due to the fact that in Ukraine he does not fit in the generally accepted religious faiths, many people envy him because many thousands of people gain faith and become happy thanks to Vladmirir," says Craig Pitts, pastor of the church "Highway Church".

   More than once, "Vozrozhdenie" was subjected to criticism and black PR, says Vladimir. "When the great depression was in the US what we see - it was the Protestants who were the answer, they have been fooding people, they’ve been preaching and now, they say that there is no god and that the most terrible are the Protestants that it is a cult, and this concerns not only our church. And they are talking about us a lot- because we are growing a lot, "says Vladimir Muntian, head of the charitable foundation "Regenetation". I am sure that the main answer to criticism is the real help to people.

   Every month, the Foundation "Vozrozhdenie" helps thousands of Ukrainians - gives food and clothes to old people, purchases medicines for cancer patients, oversees children's homes, helps children with VBCs, and regularly transfers help to people living in the ATO zone. Also, tens of thousands of Ukrainians and representatives of many other countries regularly gather in the Kiev Sports Palace to a Bible college that organizes the church of Vladimir Muntian. The next college will start in mid-July and will last almost a month. Vladimir and Victoria Muntian, as well as pastors and preachers from all over the world will teach there.

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