Is it possible to rewrite the past?

Fri 21 Sep 2018


  Yes, we repent for our sins! Yes, we are ready to change! Yes, we regret what we did. We still can not forget many things, it hurts us. But the Scripture says: Jesus took upon himself our infirmities and diseases. It means that he also took all the events. The blood of Jesus is washing your whole life, it is washing your past, it is washing your entire biography.

  You need to write anew your entire biography, replace all negative points and events with positive ones. You must begin to build a new past. How to do it?

  Step one. Take a piece of paper and rwrite down all the negative events that have happened to you since childhood.

 Step two. Rewrite your story. Become the winner in all areas of your life. Draw a situation from life the way you want it to happen. You must draw yourself in victory.

You remove negative events from your life, erase and replace them. You should do it so consciously that even if you yourself later asked - what was happening at that time in your life? - then you yourself would say that it was exactly what is happening in your mind now.

 This is not a game. It must be for real. If in fact, in your childhood was something terrible, terrible and heavy, write it down as if it's God writing with your hand. When we talk about the rewriting of the past, you should say:

"Lord, may this event be washed away today by the Blood of Christ. All the consequences that it brought to my life, let them be disappeared on this day! I accept this. The blood of Jesus erased all that is old, it no longer exists! "

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